2017 Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Workshop


UC Davis

Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics

at Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay, California, March 11–18, 2017

Sponsored by the
University of California, Davis and Bodega Marine Laboratory


Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday March 11 “State of the Union” (Peter Wainwright)
Sunday March 12 Continuous-time Markov Models  and Bayesian Inference (Brian Moore)probability and CTMC slides

likelihood function & Bayesian inference slides

MCMC slides

RevBayes and MCMC (Sebastian Hohna and Brian Moore)
MCMC diagnosis slides
Next Generation Sequencing (Joanna Chiu)NGS_slides
Monday March 13 Big data and Phylogenomics (Bob Thomson and Jeremy Brown)
model complexity and model selection slides
partitioned models slides
simulated data for class activity
Big data and Phylogenomics (Bob Thomson and Jeremy Brown)
model fit slides
big data discussion slides
Work on Projects
Tuesday March 14 Divergence-time Estimation (Rachel Warnock and April Wright)
divergence time slides
Lineage Diversification (Sebastian Hohna and Mike May) constant-rate diversification tutorial
time-dependent diversification tutorial
character-dependent diversification tutorial
branch-specific diversification tutorial
Multispecies Coalescent and Species Delimitation (Bruce Rannala)
Wednesday March 15  Discrete-trait Evolution (April Wright and Michael Landis)
discrete-trait slides
discrete-trait evolution tutorial
Field Trips Work on Projects
Thursday March 16 Biogeography (Michael Landis) biogeography slides
Continuous-trait Evolution (Sam Price) continuous-trait tutorial
Work on Projects
Friday March 17 Student presentations Student presentations PARTY!!
Saturday March 18 Depart

Instructor Availability

Instructor Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Peter Wainright
Brian Moore
April Wright
Bob Thomson
Rachel Warnock
Sebastian Hohna
Jeremy Brown
Joanna Chiu
Michael Landis
Sam Price
Bruce Rannala

Updated RevBayes Executable

Mac OS-X

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