2019 Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Workshop Schedule


UC Davis

Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics

at Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay, California, May 25–June 2, 2019

Sponsored by the
University of California, Davis and Bodega Marine Laboratory


Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday May 25 Comparative Methods on Phylogenetic Networks (Cécile Ané)
Sunday May 26 Continuous-time Markov Chains and Bayesian Inference (John Huelsenbeck) 
Likelihood-Based Phylogenetic Inference
RevBayes and MCMC (Sebastian Höhna and Brian Moore)
Introduction to RevBayes
Workshop Overview
MCMC Simulation and Diagnosis
Work on Projects
Monday May 27 Model selection (Bob Thomson)
Model Selection
Process heterogeneity and Partitioning
Model Adequacy and large datasets (Bob Thomson)
Model Adequacy
Big Data in Phylogenetics
Work on Projects
Tuesday May 28 Divergence-time Estimation (Brian Moore and Mike May)
Relaxed-clock Models
Divergence-time Estimation (John Huelsenbeck and Sebastian Höhna) Work on Projects
Wednesday May 29 Continuous-trait Evolution (Mike May)
Continuous-Trait Tutorials
Continuous-Trait Tutorial Files
Field Trips Work on Projects
Thursday May 30 Discrete-trait Evolution (Michael Landis)
Discrete-Trait Evolution
Biogeography (Michael Landis)
Biogeography Models
Work on Projects
Friday May 31 Lineage Diversification (Sebastian Höhna and Mike May)
Diversification-Rate Estimation
Lineage Diversification (Sebastian Höhna and Mike May) Work on Projects
Saturday June 1 Student presentations Student presentations PARTY
Sunday June 2 Departure

Instructor Availability

Instructor Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Cécile Ané
John Huelsenbeck
Sebastian Höhna
Brian Moore
Peter Wainright
Bob Thomson
Mike May
Michael Landis