2013 Workshop




Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday March 2 Student project set-up Student project set-up
Sunday March 3 Introduction (Brian MooreContinuous Time Markov Models (John Huelsenbeck) Statistical Phylogenetic Inference lecture and Tutorials 1 and 2 (Jeremy Brown)
Next Generation Sequencing (Jonathan Eisen)
Monday March 4 Divergence-Time Estimation lecture and tutorial (Tracy Heath) Species Tree Inference lecture and tutorial (Bob Thomson) Work on Projects
Tuesday March 5 MCMC diagnosis (Brian Moore) and Intro to character evolution and data visualization (Rich Glor) Discrete Character Evolution lecture and tutorials on the use of BayesTraits and stochastic mapping in R (Rich Glor) Analysis of large phylogenetic datasets (Bruce Rannala)
Wednesday March 6 Continuous Character Evolution lecture and tutorial (Luke Mahler) Field Trips Work on Projects
Thursday March 7 Rates of Continuous Trait Evolution lecture and tutorial (Peter Wainwright and Sam Price) Rates of Lineage Diversification lecture and tutorial (Brian Moore) Work on Projects
Friday March 8 Student presentations Student presentations PARTY!!
Saturday March 9 Depart

Instructor Availability

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Jeremy Brown LSU jembrown@lsu.edu
Jonathan Eisen UC Davis jaeisen@ucdavis.edu
Rich Glor University of Rochester rglor@mail.rochester.edu
Tracy Heath UC Berkeley tracyh@berkeley.edu
John Huelsenbeck UC Berkeley johnh@berkeley.edu
Luke Mahler UC Davis lmahler@ucdavis.edu
Brian Moore UC Davis brianmoore@ucdavis.edu
Samantha Price UC Davis saprice@ucdavis.edu
Bruce Rannala UC Davis brannala@ucdavis.edu
Bob Thomson UH Manoa thomsonr@hawaii.edu
Peter Wainwright UC Davis pcwainwright@ucdavis.edu


Áki Laruson akijl@hawaii.edu
Anaëlle Soulebeau asoulebeau@mnhn.fr
Angus Chandler jschandler@ucdavis.edu
Bruno de Medeiros bruno.asm@gmail.com
Caroline Dong cmdong@hawaii.edu
Cesar Herrera csherrer@umd.edu
Chris Hamilton chamilton@auburn.edu
Christoph Liedtke christoph.liedtke@unibas.ch
Evan McCartney-Melstad evanmelstad@ucla.edu
Federico Lopez-Osorio flopezos@uvm.edu
Gabriela Garcia-Soto gcgarcasoto@crimson.ua.edu
Glenn Seeholzer seeholzer.glenn@gmail.com
Hannah Marx h.marx.h@gmail.com
Jacob Landis jblandis@ufl.edu
John Chau jhchau@uw.edu
Jonathan Kennedy jonathan.kennedy@bio.ku.dk
Jose Zuñiga jose.zuniga@cgu.edu
Judy Wexler jrwexler@ucdavis.edu
Marcelo Reginato mreginato@nybg.org
Marek Borowiec mlborowiec@ucdavis.edu
Maria Medeiros mcmedeiros@usp.br
Matt McGee mcgee@ucdavis.edu
Michael San Jose mdsjose@hawaii.edu
Mike May mrmay@ucdavis.edu
Perry Wood perryleewoodjr@gmail.com
Phillip Skipwith pskipwith@gmail.com
Sarah Longo sjlongo@ucdavis.edu
Sergey Tarasov sergxf@yandex.ru
Stephanie Haddad stephanyhaddad@gmail.com
Suman Neupane sneup003@odu.edu
Susan Hepp sehepp@gmail.com
Traci Grzymala mala@berkeley.edu
Victor Tagliacollo victor_tagliacollo@yahoo.com.br

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