Continuous Traits 2015

Combined lecture and tutorial

We have a marathon session in 2015, covering the entirety of continuous trait evolution from basic models through to state-dependent diversification of traits is all in one morning (in previous years it has had two separate mornings)! We will be covering 3 sections 1) Exploration of models of continuous trait evolution: a really basic introduction to BM, OU and related models. 2) Applying simple models of trait evolution: how you can start to explore the evolutionary patterns within your data 3) Comparing complex models of state-dependent evolution: running models that allow you to determine if the evolution of your continuous trait is dependent on the state of a discrete state.



When you see the R symbol refer to the tutorial.


Latest version of R and the packages listed below with all their dependencies: ape, geiger, OUwie, phytools & picante. OUwie v1.45 (not 1.44).

Tutorial Downloads


ContinuousTrait_Rcode (Fully annotated R code)

Functions_ContTraitSim (updated version of functions to simulate non-phylogenetic versions of BM, BMtrend, OU, Early and Late Burst models)

For questions contact saprice ‘at’ ucdavis ‘dot’ edu.

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