Updated BEAST Tutorial

I really enjoy teaching and participating in phylogenetics workshops. Currently, I’m preparing my teaching materials for the Wellcome Trust-EMBL-EBI Advanced Course on Computational Molecular Evolution, where I have the awesome opportunity to teach a section on divergence time estimation with Jeff Thorne. Since I’ve made some minor updates to the BEAST tutorial that I’ve given at recent workshops, I wanted to create a more permanent page to host the document and data files. So, for those interested, you can find the updated tutorial here. I will try to keep this tutorial as up-to-date as possible.

3 thoughts on “Updated BEAST Tutorial

  1. Bob Thomson

    Great, thanks for keeping it up to date Tracy. One of the most frequent pieces of feedback I get on the site is how useful your divergence time tutorial is. Enjoy the EMBL workshop!

  2. Mike May

    I will definitely be using this for a mini-course I am giving next week. Even better than the BEAST crew’s own tutorials!

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