Has CIPRES helped you out?

cipresCipres is preparing their annual useage report which, among other things, helps determine the size of their XSEDE allocation from year to year. Please read the email from Mark Miller (copied below) and participate in their short survey (available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QLCB7WZ).

Dear CIPRES Science Gateway User,

We need your help to keep the CIPRES Science Gateway operating. You received this email because you are one of the 2800+ users who submitted a job from the CIPRES Science Gateway during the past year. Each year we must report on user activities to continue receiving annual allocations of computer time for our Gateway.

In the last year, strong user response to this survey helped us increase the amount of time we received from the XSEDE allocations committee, and an NSF award to create a new set of CIPRES Web Services. Soon you will be able to access CIPRES through tools like Mesquite, or through scripts you write yourself, as well as through the browser interface.

Even if you just used it for a class, you can help by completing a brief survey (just a few questions) describing your activities on the CIPRES Science Gateway, and providing opinions about how the CIPRES Gateway should continue to operate.  The survey is located here:   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QLCB7WZ

The survey results help us continue to provide the community with easy access to computational resources for phylogenetic programs, and help us plan for sustainability of the resource. It requires only a few minutes to complete, but your feedback is a key element in justifying access to NSF resources.
If you do not wish to complete the survey, please help by sending me citations for any publications that were enabled by the CIPRES Gateway.
Thanks for your help,

Mark Miller
Principal Investigator

2 thoughts on “Has CIPRES helped you out?

  1. Brian Moore

    The CIPRES web service is a great resource for teaching and for batching short runs—it was really helpful at the recent Bodega workshop. I’m actually surprised how many people are unaware of this resource, and also that people who do know about the CIPRES web service don’t use it more often.—Brian

  2. Rich Glor

    It seemed like more and more students in the workshop are using CIPRES each year. Hopefully people will respond to the survey so this resource will continue to expand.

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