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The schedule for the 2013 Evolution meeting was just released.  I’m sure there will be many Bodega instructors and former students (and future, too!) giving fascinating talks and posters.  Below are a few presentations that I found for instructors and students from Bodega2013.  Please add your own presentation time in the comments so that we can all work these into our meeting schedules.

Gideon Bradburd – Sun. at 5:00 – Disentangling the effects of geographic and ecological isolation on genetic differentiation

Jeremy Brown – Tues. at 4:45 – Variable phylogenetic signal in a forensically important HIV-1 transmission cluster

Tracy Heath – Sun. at 4:45 – The Fossilized Birth-Death Process: A Coherent Model of Fossil Calibration for Bayesian Divergence Time Estimation

Hannah Marx – Tues. at 2:30 – Alien encounters of the floral kind: interpreting patterns of community assembly on the San Juan Islands

Mike May – Sun. at 8:30 (am) – MCDUSA: A Monte Carlo method for more reliable detection of lineage-specific rates of diversification

Matt McGee – Sun. at 2:00 – The evolution of cichlid craniofacial diversity

Brian Moore – Tues. at 3:45 – Bayesian inference of phylogeny from partitioned data

Sam Price – Sat. at 9:30 – Assembly & early diversification of modern reef fishes

Glenn Seeholzer – Mon. at 7:00 (pm) – The phylogenetic signal and mode of climate-niche evolution in the Neotropical bird family Furnariidae

Bob Thomson – Tues. at 11:15 – Estimating Phylogeny from microRNA Data: A Critical Appraisal

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